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Antony Rodino Naughty Biscuits


Raised Italian.
Trained French. 
Antony Rodino Naughty Biscuits


When I originally started in this business, and after returning home with a Diplome de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu, I specialized in high-end baking and pastry. Then, once I started offering clients the rest of the meal, things sorta took off and now I have Il Oliva, or "The Olive" in Italian. I kept Naughty Biscuits Baking Co, because, well, I just plain love the name, but I'm focusing on Il Oliva now, offering you full service catering, and also Personal/Private Chef services as well. I am making a commitment to offer items that will exceed your expectations, and to continue to refine my skills as a Chef with continual education in all aspects of the culinary arts, as well as refining my palate as a Sommelier. As always, I will use the highest quality ingredients, organic whenever possible, to ensure a consistently satisfying experience.


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